The UFCU Savings Account is the foundation of your Credit Union membership. The account is referred to as the master account with a suffix “00”. It is established automatically with your membership application. Savings is easy by establishing regular Direct Deposit of Net Pay or by making occasional periodic deposits. The account is a good way to build a rainy day fund, or save for a special occasion. Your savings can be withdrawn at any time.

The account offers:

  • No fees
  • Interest bearing
  • Easy access for balances and for transfers
  • Around-the-clock account access

Opening an account is easy. Simply complete an on-line Membership Application

Money Market

Unilever FCU’s Money Market Account (MMA) is a powerful high-yielding account. Features include:

  • Minimum balance is $2,500.
  • Rates may change monthly.  Click here for current MMA Tier rates 
  • Higher Tiers earn higher dividend rates
  • Dividends are computed on the daily balance (day In – day Out) method and are credited to your account monthly
  • Electronic withdrawals or transfers are limited to 6 per month, including a maximum of 3 by check
  • Courtesy Checks are available
  • There is no limit to the number of in-person withdrawals you can make

    You must deposit at least $2,500 to open a Money Market Account. There are no restrictions on subsequent deposits. If you close your account before dividends are paid, you will not receive the accrued dividends. If at any time during the month, your balance drops below the $2,500 minimum, you will not receive any dividends.

Money Market Application

See our Fee Schedule for a list of fees you may encounter


Term CD Accounts
UFCU certificates of deposit offer you attractive yields that are guaranteed. And you can establish a maturity schedule to fit your needs.  Certificates are available with terms from 3 months to 48 months. Minimum certificate amounts are $1,000. Higher yields are available for amounts over $10,000 and $75,000 (Jumbos). So, if you’re tired of stock market volatility, consider certificates of deposit

Click here to see our current certificate rates

Click here to open a Share Deposit (CD)

Certificate Laddering
Certificate laddering is a smart way to earn more on your invested funds.  It works like this. Through convenient, regular payroll deductions you’ve accumulated a substantial amount in your regular savings account. You want to earn higher rates. Establish a ladder of certificates that mature in one, two, three and four years. One year later, the first certificate matures with interest. If you don’t need the money, reinvest in a new four-year certificate, at the higher dividend rate. Next year, your two-year certificate matures with interest. Again, if you don’t need the money, reinvest in another four-year certificate at the higher dividend rate. By the end of the fourth year, all your investments will be earning at the higher four-year certificate rates. Laddering gives you higher earnings and the flexibility of access to your funds if you need them. Spreading the maturities over four years is just one way. The ladder also works over shorter periods, say six months, one year, eighteen months and two years.

Click here to open a Share Deposit (CD)


Traditional IRA and Roth IRA accounts are programs designed to help you save for retirement.  A Traditional IRA is funded with pre-tax money and may be tax-deductible on your current Federal Income Tax Return. A Roth IRA is funded with your after-tax money, and your annual deposits are not tax deductible. The Credit Union offers both savings and term accounts for Traditional IRAs.  Roth IRAs are term accounts only.

Contact the Credit Union to open your IRA account today

Youth Accounts

It’s never too early to learn about money management. UFCU is a perfect place for children, teens and young adults to learn how to manage finances.

Our Just for Kids Account is perfect for the young child.

  • For children up to 12 years old
  • No monthly service fees
  • $5 opening and minimum balance requirement
  • Account in name of the minor with adult as joint

Our Next Generation Account is perfect for the teen.

  • For teens ages 13-17 
  • No monthly service fees
  • $5 opening and minimum balance requirement for Savings
  • Account in name of the minor with adult as joint

    Our Student Money Manager Account is perfect for the college student. 

  • For ages 18 and up
  • No monthly service fees
  • $5 opening and minimum balance requirement for Savings
  • Eligible to apply for UFCU scholarship awards

      Click here to Apply

    (18 and under require a parent or legal guardian as a joint owner)