Refinance Your Existing Student Loan Debt


Take control of you existing student loan debt and save thousands over the lifetime of your loan by refinancing it into a lower fix interest rate.

Unilever Federal Credit Union Student Loan Refinance Program specializes in helping Unilever professionals and their family members refinance their existing student loan debt and consolidating all loans federal and private into one single loan with one bill.

 Fixed Rates & Terms:

 3.50% APR*    96-TERM
3.25% APR*   84-TERM
2.99% APR*   72-TERM
2.75% APR*   60-TERM
2.99% APR*   48-TERM
 2.875% APR* 36-TERM
2.75% APR*   24-TERM


  • Save more overall on total interest
  • Shorten the loan term
  • Switch to a lower interest fixed rate
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Principal payments permitted
  • Simplify your monthly bill through consolidation
  • Maximum Loan Amount $50,000


  • You must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or resident alien with a valid U.S. Social Security Number
  • A college graduate

    Have the following available for Applicant and Co-Applicant (if applicable):

    –  A U.S. Social Security Number
    –  Proof of identity (Driver’s License, Passports are accepted)
    –  A copy of most recent pay stub
    –  Billing statements for the loans you wish to refinance



     Request a free consultation with our in-house VP of Lending

    Call (800) 975-3328 or email for assistance.

    Try our student loan refinancing calculator to see how much you might be able to save by refinancing.
      *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change without further notice. The actual APR of the loan is based upon credit score and capability to repay loan. 
    The maximum amount to borrow is $50,000. Loans under $10,000 require a 700 FICO credit score. Loans over $10,001 and $20,000 require a 720 FICO credit score.  Loans between $20,001 and $25,000 require a 740 minimum FICO credit score.  Loans over $25,000 require a 760 credit score. You must be a member of UFCU to apply.