Debit Card Call Center

General Inquiries: 1-833-809-9973

A trained team of experts is ready to answer questions regarding your Debit Card.      

  • Available 24/7                                    
  • Debit Card transaction inquiries       
  • Reporting a lost or stolen card      
  • Ordering replacement cards(s)
  • Debit Card that has been blocked due to suspected fraudulent activity
  • Increasing card limits for a single failed purchase
  • Open Debit Card for international usage


 To Select A New Pin or Reset Your Pin: 1-800-992-3808

 Debit Cards Disputes: 1-833-809-9974

  • Initiate a case for disputed transactions (fraudulent or non-fraudulent)

If an incorrect or unauthorized transaction posts to your account, you must attempt to resolve the error with the merchant first. If you are unable to reach the merchant or they are unable to help you, you can initiate a dispute.



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