Home Equity Line of Credit Winter Promotion

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Time to make some energy efficient home improvements?
Get your home winter ready with a Home Equity Line of Credit Loan

If you own a home and need extra funds for a major project or expense, come to us for a Home Equity Loan!  Our Home Equity Line of Credit Loan offer special rates and terms with no Annual fees. Use the money for any need:

  • Installation of energy efficient windows
  • Furnace replacement
  • New insulation

    Use the money for countless other purposes:

  • Pay college expenses
  • Plan a vacation
  • Buy a boat or a car

  • Low rates and affordable monthly payments
  • No annual fess
  • Convenient and easy access to funds

    Applying for a Home Equity Line of Credit Loan is easy and hassle-free!
    Just give us a call, stop by, or click here to fill and submit your application

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    For more information, email or call a UFCU Mortgage Loan Specialist at 201-894-7389 John.Holtzhauer@Unilever.Com

    *Membership requirements apply. Qualified borrowers only. Existing UFCU debt is not eligible. The APR of 2.50% is an introductory rate that applies for the first 6 months of the loan. Thereafter, your rate will change to the Prime Rate + .75% (With a minimum interest rate of 4.00). Your rate will be reviewed quarterly. The maximum Annual Percentage Rate that can apply is 18.0%, or the maximum permitted by law, whichever is less. Introductory Rate HELOCs require a minimum FICO credit score of 740, and a combined loan-to-value (total amount owed on your home, divided by the appraised value) not to exceed 80%. Property insurance required. UFCU reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Heloc loan applications must be received by April 30, 2016 to take advantage of this rate