UFCU Scholarship Program


Congratulations to the 2021 Unilever Federal Credit Union Scholarship winners! 

  • $1,000 Scholarship winner – Esme Barr, daughter of
    Suzanne Barr – Unilever, Englewood Cliffs.

  • $1,000 Scholarship winner – Connor Chin, son of
    Suzanne Chin –
    Unilever, Englewood Cliffs.

  • $1,000 Scholarship winner – Dylan Heaney, son of
    Lori Heaney
    – Unilever, Englewood Cliffs.

  • $1,000 Scholarship winner – Isabella Imparato, daughter of
    Michael Imparato –
    Unilever, Englewood Cliffs.

  • $1,000 Scholarship winner – Sarah Johnson, daughter of
    Jean Mager-Johnson –
    Unilever, Englewood Cliffs.

  • $1,000 Scholarship winner – Rebecca Reagan, daughter of
    David Reagan ,
    Retiree Unilever, Englewood Cliffs.

  • $1,000 Scholarship winner – Collin Regenhard, son of
    Mary Regenhard –
    Unilever, Englewood Cliffs.



“These students represent our future leadership. We congratulate each of our winners.
Our scholarships help them achieve their dreams of a bright and productive future” – Jim Kopfensteiner, UFCU CEO.

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