Other Services

UFCU offers extra services that makes your Credit Union a full service institution.  These services include:

Visa® Gift Card

Perfect to celebrate anything

Essentially a prepaid gift certificate with unlimited possibilities, the Visa® Gift Card looks and acts like a debit card. As purchases are made the available balance is reduced until the card balance reaches zero.

  • Accepted virtually worldwide anywhere Visa® cards are accepted
  • Activate with amounts between $10 to $1,000
  • Available to members and non-members
  • Card is active with full available balance through the printed expiration date
  • Easily dispute unauthorized transactions
  • Get a replacement card when your card is lost or stolen

It is easy to monitor your transactions and balance by registering your card online, calling the number on the back of the card or contacting the credit union.

To report the card lost or stolen, call the 24 hr. Service Center 866-833-2370.

To order a Visa® Gift Card contact the Credit Union: credit.union@unilever.com

Click to visit our fee schedule


Some additional fees and restrictions may apply. For more information click here or refer to the Services Credit Union Gift Card Agreement mailed with the card.


Cashier's Checks

Cashier’s Check

UFCU offers official checks. Cashier’s Checks can be purchased whenever you need to have a check made payable to a third party.
The value of the Cashier’s Check is that the payee can be certain the check will be backed by adequate funds and no chance the item will be returned.

There is a charge for a Cashier’s Check. See our fee schedule for details.
Call the Credit Union for details 1-203-816-4041.

Money Order

Money Order

Money Order can be purchased for amounts up to $1,500.
There is a charge for a money order.  See our fee schedule for details.

Call the Credit Union for details 1-203-816-4041.


Notary Service

Free Notary

UFCU offers free Notary Services to all members and non-members. The service is available at our main office at 700 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Be sure to call in advance to set up a convenient time 1-203-816-4041.

Discount Tickets




            NEW JERSEY


Six Flags Great Adventure Discount Tickets
Another added benefit of being a member of Unilever Federal Credit Union

The Unilever Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce the sale of Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor Tickets for the New Jersey Six Flags location

Six Flags Banner

– We offer daily and seasonal tickets online

– Parking discount

All tickets are non-refundable and are good for the current season only 

Please check the link for hours, dates of operation and general questions                          

To purchase tickets online click here:


You will need our special username and password to get the discount.  Password is Numeric & Case Sensitive.

Username: UFCU   (Capital letters)

Password: SixFlags1 (Capital S and Capital F)

Print tickets at home and go to the front gate for admission

*All questions regarding ticket sales must be directed to Six Flags Great Adventure. UFCU is not responsible for any problems with ticket sales and only acts as a discount partner. Discounts and participants are subject to change without notice